Sunday, 4 October 2009

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It is a long weekend here in Sydney. Today is the middle of it.
I don't know why it is today, but I feel like I am finally able to breathe since I have started running from the beginning of this year.

Coming over to Sydney to study in 2005 was the start of everything, I started to think about applying for my permanent residency.

Since then, I have been busy trying to organise documents for my skilled migration, going through many procedure and sitting exams. It's been almost 3 years.

Late last year, I was fortunate enough to get a position in a public hospital as a pharmacist intern which started early this year. Soon after that on my 30th birthday, my partner popped the question, and we got married. My permanent residency (skilled-sponsored) has recently come through and I am finally free from worrying about it.
My internship is coming to an end, only another few months to go.
Organising for the wedding in only 5 months especially during my intern year was a crazy thing to do I must say, but now, I am quite happy.

Yesterday, my partner who became my 'hubbie' about 3 months ago and I celebrated our 4th year anniversary for the day we have started seeing each other.
We couldn't go anywhere as he is also quite busy being a full-time worker plus part-time post grad student, but we managed to make our way to a nice restaurant in our neighbourhood.

Although it's been almost 5 years since I started living in Sydney, I feel like I have just made a proper start.

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